Viribus Unitis (Single)


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released January 4, 2016

Second single off "About Places", available here in digital download featuring two bonus tracks from the "Ariccia Demo Sessions", recorded at home with poor gears between September 2013 and early 2014

Pic by Gianluca Plomitallo
Logo, lettering and Graphics by Luca Giobbe
released January 04, 2016

"Viribus Unitis":

Music and Lyrics by F.Giobbe
F.Giobbe: Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
Francesco Tedesco: Electric guitars
Dino Cuccaro: Drums
Gianluca Plomitallo: Piano
Gianluca D'Alessio: Cello

recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Francesco Tedesco

Demo Bonus Tracks

F.Giobbe: Music, Lyrics, Vocals, drum programming and Guitars
Gianluca Plomitallo: Pianos
Marco Normando: Bass

Recorde at home



all rights reserved


GIOBBE Capua, Italy

I am a songwriter from southern Italy. During the last year and a half I have been working on my debut solo album. It's called "About Places" and it's OUT NOW, issued and co-produced with the indie label "I Make Records".

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Track Name: Viribus Unitis
One hundred families grow fast
At that small city edge
Some strangers, some are long time friends
Sharing a wide-open space

My place for hiding
And not sympathizing with myself
I don't wanna act like 'em
I won't end up just like them

So many children they would bear
Those lively days of summer spell
Connections that we won't forget
As only children friends can

The precious red ball
The endless seasons
The band, the first loves
Fresh water in the box

As anything fades in thin air
As all our ties unravel
I don't wanna be like 'em
I will never act like 'em
Track Name: Clean the Place (2014 demo version)
Anytime I fall off
It ain't the time you win
Everytime you follow
Just then you lose your way

Clean the place
Open those curtains up at last
Wash your face
Gaze at that mirror frame and cheer up

Anytime I fall off
It ain't the time you win
Everytime you follow
Just then you lose your way

It's over now
Gathering all your stuff, it's time
Turn around
The last quick glance around, Goodbye

In any case, I think it's time to realize
That it's not the place that you liked
If you feel the same, close the door and muster up
You will find a better place to clean up

Anytime I fall off
It ain't the time you win
Everytime you follow
Just then you lose your way
Track Name: Walls Borders and Bridges (2014 demo version)
We're taking things too far
These conversations kill
The bridges we lift up
The scars that we won't heal

Walls, Borders and Bridges
The marks that we'd overstep
The bad form of the questions
The answers formulation
Useless charge and regret

But tonite, yeah tonite

Cruising around and far
My car bears heavy feet
We look all around but us
An extra wall between

Of no account if you're wrong or right
All that counts is to hold the grudge
But at last we'll go beyond
Just back down, let's give up the fight